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Success Story - ERS Trees to Grow on Leeds University Campus

Junior gardeners helped plant 12 native saplings on Leeds University campus, as part of a bigger donation of 50 trees given to the University by the Bright Beginnings Childcare Centre, Leeds.

Bright Beginnings received the trees after signing up for a project with the Earth Restoration Service and World Wildlife Fund.

“We were really lucky to be selected to receive the free trees as they are a charity dependent on fund-raising,” says Bright Beginnings’ Jenna Whitworth. “When I realised we were being given 50 trees, I contacted Mike Howroyd in the Sustainability team about the possibility of teaming up to find spaces around campus to plant the trees. He was happy to help and found spaces for 12 of the trees on campus, and the remainder will be planted in and around other University properties.”

The trees were planted on campus by the children with the help of the Estates Gardening team. Mike Howroyd, Sustainability Projects Coordinator and leader of biodiversity work on campus, explains: “This work supports the objectives of the Biodiversity Action Plan and is another great example of what can be achieved when different areas of the Facilities Directorate come together.”

“We decided to involve the children to help them gain a better understanding of some different parts of their local community within the campus,” continues Jenna. “It helped them to feel they are contributing to that community – as well as the planet – and developed their knowledge of nature and the practical skills of planting and nurturing growing things.”