About Us

The Earth Restoration Service was established in 2001, by our chairman Peter Phelps, following his attendance of the Earth Restoration Conference. The conference had been organised by one of our trustees, Alan Watson Featherstone, who had such success bringing back life to the Caledonian Forests of Scotland. Peter was so inspired by Alan’s work that he set about his own restoration ecology service.

Peter saw an opportunity to encourage positive ecological action at a local level whilst inspiring the world’s citizens to play their part in rehabilitating the natural health of their environments.

Peter brought in Andreas Kornevall, whose experience running small scale ecological start ups around the world made him the perfect candidate to run the operation. And so The Earth Restoration Service was born.

Why is Ecological Restoration important? 

It is widely used to reverse the environmental degradation caused by human activities such as deforestation, pollution and land use techniques that cause soil erosion, although different kinds of ecosystems recover at different rates.  ERS works in three major areas: creating new woodlands, river restoration, and the rehabilitation of wildflower meadows.

ERS’ approach is one of proactive collaboration with schools, community groups, other charities, businesses and government agencies to create a global alliance to address the challenge of regenerating the earth. 

Since establishing the charity, the ERS has served over 750 schools across the UK & further afield, planting over 60,000 new trees, and engaging 50,000 children & their local communities. 

We are always looking for new and varied supporters to engage in these programs, whether that means volunteering their time or providing financial support.

Our Team

Peter Phelps – Chairman

Peter co-founded ERS and has been chairman since its inception having been actively involved in forest restoration in the UK and Australia for three decades.  Peter is CFO of Rudolf Wolff and Fellow of the Royal of Society of Arts (RSA).

Andreas Kornevall – Director of Operations

Andreas works with innovative grassroots programmes in the ecological, cultural and social sectors in countries including India, the USA, Eduador, Iceland and the Gambia.  He was a founder of WorkingAbroad and is a member of the British Permaculture Association.


Aaron is the coordinator and point of contact for our School Tree Nursery Programme and also manages the online presence of our charity.

Alan Watson Featherstone - Trustee

Founder and Executive Director of award winning organisation Trees for Life https://treesforlife.org.uk/

Howard Colvin – Trustee

CEO of Rudolf Wolff, Howard has been involved in ERS since its inception.

Dermot O’Gorman – Trustee

Dermot is CEO of the World Wildlife Fund.  He has two degrees in Environmental Conservation and a masters in Environmental Policy and Assessment from the London School of Economics.