The ERS School Flutter Flower Programme aims to give children and adults alike the tools to start their own wildflower meadow. We intend to return 50,000 metres squared of unused or degraded land to wildflower meadows  by 2020.  

What is Flutter Flowers?

Flutter Flowers projects aim to reflower of an area within school grounds. We work with the children to reintroduce wild flowers species which in turn will support the return of native species of insects to the area. 

If you are hosting a Flutter Flowers programme at your school, you can find more information here. 

97% of wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930's.  Flying insect populations have plunged by 75% in 25 years. For just £350 you could support a school Flutter Flower project.  We have a long list of interested schools just waiting to be matched with sponsors who are willing to support their project.  Click here to understand how you can support.

The School Flutter Flower Programme has set itself a target of planting wildflowers at 1,000 schools by World Earth Day 2020.  We have two core aims:

  • A practical programme for genuine wildlife aim by boosting our dwindling invertebrate populations, which support a wealth of other animal species higher up the food chain. 
  • An opportunity for children to learn practical skills, learn about the natural world and have a lot of fun.  Skills the children gain:
  1. How to use tools, such as trowels, and rakes
  2. Listening to instructions on planting, asking questions
  3. Wildlife identification, they learn to recognise some wildflowers, trees and insects, including butterfly species and handle small creatures such as snails and worms
  4. Perseverance, often it is not easy for them, but with encouragement they see it through
  5. Creative thinking, children given a taste of freedom come up with very imaginative and inspiring ideas as they plant the flowers
  6. Team work, and sharing
  7. Responsibility, to take care of a habitat/flowers and wildlife they come across
  8. A feeling of working together for a good cause, a connection with each other and the land.