Register your Space



Schools can register for our School Tree Nursery or Flutter Flowers programmes. These are wonderful opportunities to get children outdoors and engaged in learning about ecology, the local environment and helping them contribute to its restoration.

To date we have had great success in registering the interest of and providing our programmes to hundreds of schools across the UK. The list of registered schools is long but your successful application for a programme is dependent on donations in your local area so please register your school and we’ll get in touch when we can match you with a donor. We are also now actively looking to work with schools beyond the UK, specifically in Africa, Asia and South America. 

Please note: You’ll need to name a parent or teacher as the primary point of contact.  If ever ERS staff enters a school they will be accompanied by teachers.  All team members would have a current DBS.

Public land managers

To meet our vision of reflowering 10,000 sq metres by 2020 we are opening our restoration services to more expansive spaces. That could be campuses, estates, waterways, meadows, or areas in need of reforestation. Our trees are always planted in accordance to the advice of the forestry commission and the plants would have been sourced and verified as UK grown. Register your interest in working with us and we’ll be in touch to talk through the details.

Private landowners


The ERS can work in close partnership with private landowners to help them in the restoration of their land. All planting is done in consultation with you. We can offer replanting with either trees or wild flowers, or help to clear a river or stream of debris and litter. The ERS makes regular ecological inventories to make sure our efforts are adding to the diversity and well-being of the wildlife and those living alongside.

Register your interest in working with us and we’ll be in touch to talk through the details.