We are trying to branch out into areas and countries which can benefit greatly from more tree nurseries in local schools. As we are a charity based in the UK, this would have to be done by partnering with local organisations – one such organisation is Ripple Afria:

Over the past few years, RIPPLE Africa has been working with several primary schools in Nkhata Bay District, Malawi, to help them set up tree nurseries. Makwalakwata School seen in the video below has been a huge success which is down to the dedication of the headteacher and other members of staff who have inspired their students to not only be interested in trees but also to make sure that they are responsible for looking after them in the tree nursery and in the planted out sites.

Although locally to the school there are quite a few trees, it is really vital that the students understand that you have to invest in trees for the future. All of the children are acutely aware that trees for firewood for their cooking fires are vitally important, and these trees will provide sustainable firewood which will protect the indigenous trees in the locality.