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Andreas Kornevall, the Director of Operations for ERS and founder of the School Tree Nursery Programme is an active storyteller and visits schools regularly to tell ancient myths.

His visit can include the creation of a tree nursery inside the school grounds on the day, alongside a storytelling performance where he uses drums and flutes to enhance the imagination and understanding of trees and ecology.

“On the day we plant up a tree nursery together, the children can tag their own sapling and plant it, we learn about how the trees live and why they matter, and we also listen to the folklore and myths associated with trees.”

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An article was published in Permaculture Magazine about his workshops and why he uses old stories to convey ecological understanding, which can be read on his blog here:

Education and Enchantment

If your school is located in the Sussex regions or thereabout, Andreas also offers an additional educational walk up to the Life Cairn to Mount Caburn (near Lewes) – the Life Cairn is a memorial for all the species rendered extinct at human hands, the walk will include a suitable ceremony for the extinct species and a storytelling session.


More information about the Life Cairn can be found on Wikipedia:

Lots of fresh air is a certainty, and we take in the surrounding landscape of Mount Caburn and have an informal discussion about the topic of extinctions and the environment as a whole. The outing is 2-3 hours in total and is suitable for children 6 years plus. Once at the Life Cairn, we gather together to listen to a story, learn about the recent species being extinct, and lay our stones – we end with a moment’s reflection.“Since I began taking schools to the Life Cairn on Mount Caburn in 2011; teachers, parents and children have always told me how little they knew about the world’s extinctions and how surprised they were to find out about the precious species we are losing every year. Few know about the River Dolphin of the Yangtze (extinct 2006) or the Pyrenean Ibex (extinct 2000) or West African Rhino (extinct 2011). The response has prompted me to organise a guided walk up to the Life Cairn.