School Tree Nursery Programme

The ERS School Tree Nurseries Programme is providing a service to both the community and the environment – by:

1. Helping children in schools to learn about the environment and to plant trees in order to restore their local degraded habitats, and

2. To provide information services on schools throughout the UK that are actively taking part in other restoration activities, in order to strengthen the movement.

Aims & Benefits of a School Tree Nursery

To provide trees for restoration of locally degraded environments such as flood land, eroded countryside and neglected inner city areas.

To educate and support the children, adults and communities involved.

To enhance the children’s environmental education, and allow for their personal participation in the restoration of the planet.

To unite and encourage local communities to participate with their local authorities in environmental decision making, in resolving where to best plant the saplings for the maximum benefit to the local environment, leading to the creation of new green areas in neglected or derelict land. With today’s political consensus on the imperative of preserving green areas in our communities, STNs can provide a vital complement in the effort to prevent further degradation of local environments.

How can your School Start?

STNs are created within school grounds, with children participating in raising saplings in a nursery environment, giving them both a sense of achievement and tangible environmental educational benefit. The educational aspect of the programme is enhanced through theatre and games, which encourage and “educate” the children and their teachers about ecological restoration, the carbon cycle, and the importance of the children’s participation in this work.

Once saplings have reached the correct maturity, Schools arrange their planting-out with the children, in co-ordination with local council authorities, parents and private landowners.  ERS will also tries and help to identify the most appropriate places to plant the trees – ideally in barren areas prone to erosion, flood plains, and degraded inner city areas. In Lewes, East Sussex, for example, trees have been planted in flood plain areas, helping to alleviate the effect of flooding, a growing problem in the UK.  In addition, ERS helps and guides if there are any problems with the out-planting.

Replenishing our Communities from andreas Kornevall on Vimeo.

A short introduction to the School Tree Nursery Programme. Filmed during a tree out-planting to provide a habitat for wildlife in West Sussex, in partnership with the Sussex Wildlife Trust. Interview with Polly Wise about strengthening the programme by sharing the outplanting with more schools. WE CAN REPLENISH THE EARTH


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