Breathing Waterways

We want to clean up an ancient stream on the edge of town, in the local environment of Hailsham, East Sussex. The stream flows from the centuries old Common Pond in town and is now polluted with all kinds of rubbish and used engine oil.  The pollution has been dumped over time and is now slowly floating downstream by each season.  The stream is full of blackened plastic dams behind sodden brown mattress’, sofas bikes tv’s wheelie bins, toys, hoovers, cans and bottles.  It has become a toxic shock, which flows through woodland, round the trunks of old oak trees, through blackthorn thicket and out into the Pevensey Levels, an SSSI and Ramsar protected wetland site.

Our goal is to bring local people together to clean this small stream as a community event, and as a gift to the wild and the water.

To restore this stream, we need the support for: rental of 3 skips, large gloves for volunteers, refreshments, hire of community centre, printing costs, travel to and from the site, volunteer co-ordination and media work.  The total which comes to £3,065

If you would like to volunteer, please write to: – and if you would like to donate to this programme, please visit our just giving campaign:

We have produced a short film about the stream here:

Breathing Waterways – People Cleaning Urban Streams and Rivers from andreas Kornevall on Vimeo.