Atlas Academy, Doncaster

Atlas Academy recently had their Early Years playground extended to include a grassed area. They had no trees or shrubs in this area and also limited shade for our children to enjoy playing in during the warmer months. As an inner city school many of the children do not get experiences and knowledge of the natural world from their home environments and they were hoping to be able to teach them more about nature and how to care for it within their school, establishing a range of plants and trees growing in the school environment. They received 50 tree saplings from our charity to set up their own tree nursery in February 2019. Teacher Sharon Goold has provided this update below;

“Thank you so much for saplings that we received from you.  The children had fun planting them around school, including in our Early Years playground.  They even constructed mini wooden fences to go around some of the saplings in order to protect them from stray balls!  The children are watching the changes that they can see in the saplings as they gain more leaves and grow stronger and taller.  It has inspired many of the children to have more of an interest in nature.

As adults we are also looking forward to the shade that the trees will offer to future generations of children from this community.

Thank you again for your generous donation to us.”