Corporate Responsibility?

Would your company be willing to sponsor a 
wildflower meadow or a native tree nursery in a school, as part of your community 

According to the latest report from Natural England, we are losing 25% percent of all butterflies. Mostly due to the lack of butterfly habitats. Please help us recreate wildflower habitats across the UK.  

Our School Flutter Flower Programme restores native wildflower meadows in the community working with schools.

The school tree nursery programme creates small-scale tree nurseries within school grounds, the schools maintain them with parents, children and teachers and later out-plant the maturing trees into the community (usually on degraded land)

A wildflower meadow costs £550 to create and maintain and a small tree nursery costs £500 per year to maintain.  Both programmes offers possibility for employee engagement, as parents can get involved with their own local school.  Your business would receive a certificate of support from our charity and the end result will be a growing wildflower meadow or a new woodland.

Why are wild flowers meadows important in our 

Invertebrates such as butterflies are directly linked to habitat integrity, known as an indicator species. With their decline other species that rely on the larva as a food source including birds, bats, small mammals, and reptiles are sure to follow. Please help us in this work.

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